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New clear arc flash visor for maximum safety and protection

Integrated workplace safety solutions provider BBF Safety Group has added a new clear arc flash visor to its BOVA ARC range to be used in conjunction with its Nikki hard hat for a complete face protection system.

An arc flash is an electrical explosion caused by the sudden release of electrical energy through the air when there is a high-voltage gap and subsequent breakdown between conductors. An arc flash gives off intense heat and light that can cause severe life-threatening burns.

BOVA is a leading brand within the BBF stable that focuses on ‘engineered for purpose’ PPE, meaning providing the correct protection for the required application. “BOVA ARC is an innovative range of PPE engineered for specialised thermal protection against the hazards of an arc flash,” explains BBF Marketing Manager Deane Nothard. Given the severity of the threat in this particular PPE category, quality and reliability cannot be compromised.

The BOVA ARC flash protection range uses inherently Flame-Resistant (FR) materials wherever possible for maximum protection and to ensure the FR properties cannot be washed or worn away as with some treated fabrics. Similarly, all other components in the range are selected to ensure consistent, reliable protection while also affording the wearer a high level of comfort and functionality.

Covering both the Arc Flash Protection Categories 2 and 4, BOVA offers a full range of arc flash PPE, including head and face protection systems, conti-suits, chambray shirts, chino trousers, gloves, socks, safety footwear, and even arc-rated underwear.

The new arc flash clear visor has been engineered to not only shield a worker’s eyes from a potential arc flash and radiant energy, but also to provide an optimal visual experience, allowing the wearer to identify the full range of true colours without distortion.

The new clear visor option, which complements the traditional green visor, is ideal when working with coloured wiring. This is to prevent a potential situation where technicians have to lift their visors to check wire colours, exposing them to potentially hazardous situations.

In addition, the new visor has a grey tint to reduce glare and make it easier to view colours and items in bright or high-glare situations. The clear chin protector also affords a greater field of vision, so workers are aware of any potential trip hazards around them. The new arc visor comes with the full array of international testing and certification requirements for arc-rated PPE, including testing for protection against fast-moving solid molten particles, which are common in any arc explosions.

“Our extensive offering in the BOVA ARC range has brought significant innovation in the application of lightweight, comfortable, inherently flame-resistant materials. The new clear arc visor is the latest addition that focuses on both the wearer’s protection and experience in specific environments,” highlights Nothard. “In conjunction with our highly popular and proven Nikki 1 hard hat, the new offering will provide wearers with peace of mind and functionality.”

BBF Safety Group offers a full portfolio of PPE and professional Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) services. A proudly South African company, it employs over 1 200 people at four ISO:9001 accredited manufacturing facilities across the country.

About BBF Safety Group

BBF Safety Group is an integrated workplace safety solutions provider that helps customers create safe working environments.

In 2014, four of South Africa’s largest safety footwear manufacturers joined forces to create BBF Safety Group (Pty) Ltd. The merger created the largest safety footwear manufacturer in Africa producing over 4.5 million pairs of footwear and gumboots per annum.

In 2017, BBF Safety Group transitioned from being a leading safety footwear manufacturer to an integrated workplace safety solutions provider. Today, we offer a full portfolio of head-to-toe personal protective equipment (PPE) and professional occupational health and safety (OHS) services.

BBF Safety Group Contact

Deane Nothard

Marketing Manager

BBF Safety Group

Phone: (031) 710 0400



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