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Ensuring water safety, quality and reliability

SOUTHERN African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA), has once again highlighted the importance of maintaining high standards in the manufacturing of thermoplastic pipes. 

“Plastic piping is used across the complete spectrum of many industries, including mining, civil, irrigation, industrial, telecommunication, and building. Around 150 000 tons of pipe (PVC and HDPE) are produced annually in South Africa, representing many thousands of kilometres,” says Jan Venter, CEO of SAPPMA. “Plastic piping networks form an integral, expensive, long term, and extremely important part of the infrastructure of this country. The integrity of these networks, built up over many years, is of critical importance, serving the water supply and sewage disposal needs of many millions of people. This clearly highlights the need for a responsible, ethical, and quality-conscious industry”.

Venter explains that SAPPMA is not in competition with any accredited certification organization, but plays a crucial coordinating role between all stakeholders in this industry. Its sole focus is on a relatively small (but crucially important) sector of industry, and it is in a unique position to detect problems much earlier than any other organization. In addition, SAPPMA monitors its own members in terms of product quality and full adherence to all relevant national standards. This ensures that SAPPMA members meet the association’s high standards that are based on international best practice and stipulated in its Code of Conduct.

“South Africa is a dry country, and water is increasingly becoming a scarce resource. With demand for clean drinking water and inconsistent rainfall, we can no longer afford the huge losses in pipelines (estimated to be of the order of 40%). The need is for piping systems that are leak-free and durable for extended lifetimes, up to 100 years. HDPE and PVC pipes answer this call with distinction. In addition, they are highly suitable for the rehabilitation of old pipelines,” Venter expounds.

“The SAPPMA brand is well known and is recognized by design engineers and customers as an additional safeguard against poor quality products. We will continue to be unwavering in our commitment to create absolute customer confidence in the plastics pipe industry, thereby ensuring long term sustainability and dynamic growth in this all-important industry,” Venter concludes.

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